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  • Why OndemandHRM Intership ?
  • Academicians, the industry or the government, everyone is stressing on the need for employability skills in young graduates. The oft-quoted NASSCOM-McKinsey report which says that approximately 75 per cent of fresh engineering graduates from India are not directly employable gave the entire idea of employability an identity of its own. If that was not enough, a recent survey conducted by FICCI and the World Bank revealed that 64 per cent of the surveyed employers were not satisfied with the quality of engineering graduates' skills. Now the million dollar question is what constitutes employability skills? and why are they so essential for success in getting a job?

  • Domain-Specific Employability Skills
  • These skills make one job-ready for a certain industry, for eg: banking, retail, insurance, auto, fashion designing etc. These are vocational skills and make one conversant with the elementary knowledge of working in the industry of choice, making one more attractive for recruiters. For engineers, domain-specific skills might include quality assurance, testing, network administration etc, whereas for management graduates, gaining skills related to the mutual fund industry, insurance and pension fund selling, share trading and depository services, stock and inventory management, etc will make them more employable.

  • General Employability Skills
  • These include basic communication skills as reading, listening and writing and communication skills that include higher order influence, negotiation, etc. written and unwritten. Apart from communication skills, knowledge industries, career paths, work ethic, critical thinking and effective time management to ease the employment in the industry.According to the FICCI survey, the three most important general skills are integrity, reliability and teamwork, and expertise are most important are entrepreneurship, communication, English and familiarity with the tools and modern technology.

  • The Recruiter's Perspective
  • If potential candidates appearing for any recruitment process have the necessary knowledge, it becomes easy for the recruiter to filter the merit of not-so-merit. Furthermore, the employment of people with the desired job readiness skills will lead to a significant reduction in time, effort and money spent on training new recruits.Another benefit of hiring people with relevant employability skills is that it helps in managing attrition as only those who are interested in that field will take up the job.

  • How To Bridge The Gap?
  • The same is the case with employability. Employability skills can be best learned in a live environment through interactive and experiential learning curriculum where a person first experiences something and then derives the learning from that activity. This way the learning becomes permanent and more effective.

  • The Solution We Offer :
  • Since last decade, OndemandHRM has been foraying into IT sector. Over this period of time we realized procuring and sustaining good talented manpower has been our most difficult challenge. How much we may try the joiners take time to mould them to the company environment. The solution to this problem paved the way for our Internship arm.

  • Our internship arm's prime mission is to create a learning environment that fosters creativity, self-discovery and peer education. In a completely rational society, the best of us would be teachers and the rest of us would have to settle for something less. Thus, the program relies heavily on the quality of faculty or Internship Guide. We hire our trainers from the pool of talent working with our OndemandHRM development Team. This gives an unmatched edge to the Interns as they get there base developed from the very experienced hands. From its inception, the management felt strongly that financial considerations should not preclude anyone from participating. As a result fees and program costs have been kept low and many needy aspirants are offered up to 100% scholarships.

  • Syllabus coverage as per Industry standards.
  • Live demos and case studies.
  • Assistance provided from professional experts.
  • Real-time solutions management.
  • Syllabus coverage as per Industry standards.