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In addition to the comprehensive and integrated modules in OnDemandHRM you have the option to choose some other standalone modules offering extended functions and added-on features.

These are completely customizable as per your unique needs. Please go through the features of these modules and explore how they can add more value to your HRM process.


You can have 360-degree employee appraisal in your OnDemandHRM. It can provide multi-rater feedback and peer appraisals and creates a complete view of an employees performance. OnDemandHRM's 360-Appraisal permits managers to gather feedback from clients, vendors or others with whom they and their employees frequently interact. 360-Appraisals help managers to effectively identify group leaders. Peer reviews help to determine those having leadership ability within a group by helping you identify employees who motivate others, and set good examples.

This strategic tool can help managers:

  • Measure employee performance and Identify leaders
  • Increase employee awareness
  • Create and manage 360-degree assessments

Incentive Management

OnDemandHRM's incentive management is all about sharing your organizations profit. You can set dividends and percentages of incentive amount to each employees. As this module can be integrated with the payroll system the incentive of each employee will be added to his/her salary.

Succession Management

Get a Best Practices Succession Planning Program On-line

An innovative application to fully support today's best practiced talent pool-based is the Succession Management tool. Reducing the complexity, effort, and cost of implementing a plan, succession management allows an organization to discover results right away.

As OnDemandHRM.com's Succession Management is based on the Talent Pool Model one of best proven business practice today. It helps you to identify the skills and competencies required to support your 3-5 year strategic plans and infuse these in your high-potential employees with career and development planning.

OnDemandHRM Succession Management helps you to:

  • Develop Talent Pools
  • Implement Succession Planning in Practical Phases and See Immediate Results
  • Understand Your Workforce Potential and Areas of Retention Risk
  • Develop Internal Talent Pools
  • Recruit Talent from Within the Organizational Network

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I found OnDemand HRM to be the best solution for all our HR problems.
The solution is made in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Government. The punching machine integrated with OnDemand HRM is functioning properly. I take this opportunity to thank the energetic staff of BigLeap Softwares for their support and hard work.

Mr.Samuel Thomas

Mr.Samuel Thomas
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