Why OnDemandHRM

Why OnDemandHRM


OnDemandHRM is an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement stack of Online HRM applications.

It has the power to automate an organization's routine, and time-consuming HRM tasks such as processing benefits enrollment and updating employee timesheets and records.

OnDemandHRM is delivered as a Service , and is a comprehensive HR software application accessible through a secure Internet browser. With the OnDemandHRM modules, you will find ease in the multi-faceted responsibility of managing human resources and more crucial role in the competition for hiring and retaining potential employees. It allows multiple users to access from different locations and to manage the HRM components; from payroll to benefits and to more complex HR components.

You can rely upon OnDemandHRM to drive mission-critical HR systems that includes managing and maintaining employee data, payroll processing, benefits administration, recruiting, performance management, time and attendance, strategic workforce analysis, and organizational planning. The integrated Biometric Time and Attendance Device efficiently tracks employees' time-in and time-out sessions and your company gets an accurate attendance report while processing employees' salary.

Multiple-Office Integration

Multiple office integration

With OnDemandHRM, an organization can manage their HR, located at multiple places. It doesn't matter how much the volume of the business network or the strength of the Human Resource, the OnDemandHRM enables HR managers to manage the whole of the HR from a single location. This streamlines the HRM processes both effectively and efficiently.

customer Testimonials

I found OnDemand HRM to be the best solution for all our HR problems.
The solution is made in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Government. The punching machine integrated with OnDemand HRM is functioning properly. I take this opportunity to thank the energetic staff of BigLeap Softwares for their support and hard work.

Mr.Samuel Thomas

Mr.Samuel Thomas
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